Tarot Poetry – The High Priestess, Number

Have you ever had the thought that everywhere you look there is 11:11 or 4:44? You happen to wake up and look at the clock most nights at 2:22 am. Then on the way to work you see a license plate that reads CLD 222? Perhaps all you are seeing are single 3s, or every house number of the homes you are considering for purchase are located on the 700 block. Well, that’s no coincidence. You’ve had an Angelic Message.

The advent of digital technology has made it a bit easier for our angels to communicate with us, than in past centuries. Who knows, they may have even helped create the technology so that it would be easier for them to communicate.

Angelic messages may be found anywhere, on a clock, a license plate, in dreams, your bus number or in a vision. Even a detour on to Route 66 might be to provide relaxing and balance in your life. A message may even be the time you received an email or text from someone. Don’t forget to pay attention to repetitive house numbers or even hotel or apartment room numbers.

Angelic Numerology, a simple code used by the angels as a way of communicating may have become more common, but it is the original form of Numerology in the Universe. If you pay attention you will find Angelic Messages that are informational, or preventative. When Angels really want to get your attention, they send sequences of numbers, like the 11:11 on a clock.

Number lists for Angelic Numerology vary a bit. Just pay close attention and perhaps journal the numbers you receive and what happens around that number and soon you will have a personalized dictionary of your Angelic Messages.

Here are some possible Angelic Messages for the first nine numbers.


  1. A change in residence or put your attention to your desires. There is a similarity here. Putting attention to your desires just may require a change in residence. One is also the number of The Mother, or someone who is close and like a Mother.
  2. Have faith. A Soul Mate relationship is coming for the person who is seeing the 2s. Again there is some similarity. The faith that someone special is entering your life.
  3. Someone who is close to you need help or is in trouble. Three is also the intuitive number for mediumship.
  4. The Angels are trying to get your attention. Something wonderful is about to happen. Abundance.
  5. Changes. It is also considered the Father number. Fathers may be your biological father or someone who is father-like to you.
  6. Emotional issues. The balance between Heaven and Earth. When the balance between Heaven and Earth is unbalanced, you aren’t well grounded, there are emotional issues.
  7. This is the most important number in the Universe. It represents change, but change for the better. You’re doing great. The time for end one cycle and begin another.
  8. Money. Prosperity. The figure eight is the sign of infinity and creation.
  9. New career. Sharing you with others.


Let’s elaborate a bit more.


  1. The portal between heaven and earth is open. Focus on your desires and you will more easily manifest these desires and at a more rapid pace.
  2. Don’t give up. There are spiritually connection people about to show up to support you. Be patient and positive. The number
  3. Angels are working with you on important projects. The Intuitive Number representing Mediumship means that you are open to communicating with spirits, whether they are the spirits of people who has passed out of their human lives, or Angels. 818 angel number
  4. Hello? Hello? Your angels are trying to get your attention. They are right beside you protecting, helping you with your day. They need you to pay more attention to their messages.
  5. Changes. You either need to become more in alignment or you are being transformed.
  6. Time to slow down, meditate, pray get perspective on earthly matters that are blocking your spiritual growth.
  7. Cycles, the beginning or the end. You’re doing great. You’ve finished one lesson and time to move on to something else.
  8. When you begin noticing 8s everywhere you are manifesting prosperity, whether it is actual money, success in your career, or relationships. Be open to blessings whether they are Heavenly or Earthly.
  9. When you see 9s, pay attention. Are people around you needing your help? Do you children need your attention? Angels work through you to help other people. Share your time, talents and love.


When the Angels really want grab your attention, you will see not just a 4, but sequences of 4s. For example, you need to return a phone call at work and the number is 555-5444. Or your grocery bill is $44.40. Maybe your new dentist is at 442 SW 4th Street. When you start noticing three or more numbers in sequence, at that very moment, stop, and think. What are your thoughts focused on? What am I doing? Who is nearby? It might just be an Earth Angel!

Pay close attention. Your angels are calling.

A Fifth Generation Psychic, LILLIE has been a Professional Energy Channel and Clairvoyant for the past 3 decades.

LILLIE regularly works with a band of angels known as The Chorus, Archangels and a Throne named Hannius and channels messages from Angels.

LILLIE RUBY’S clients include individuals, businesses, celebrities, physicians and other healers. She works with people of all backgrounds and experiences who are located around the globe, working on locale and through Distance Energetic Therapy.


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